New LEGO Fortnite v28.30 Update Introduces Fishing With Sand And Glass Materials

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The popular building game LEGO Fortnite has released a significant v28.30 update, known as the Gone Fishing update, which brings enhanced fishing features to the gameplay.

As LEGO Fortnite continues to be a regular favorite in the gaming world, Epic Games is committed to providing fresh content on a regular basis, likely every month. Here are the full patch notes to highlight the recent changes.

Today’s Additions in LEGO Fortnite’s Update:

As the Fortnite Festival debuts with Lady Gaga headlining the second season, and Rocket Racing introduces an exhilarating Speed Run mode, LEGO Fortnite also enjoys new features, including the highly anticipated fishing rod.

Players can now create the new tool at any crafting station, and it comes in different levels of rarity, increasing the chances of a successful catch. The introduction of the fishing rod brings new marine creatures for players to capture.

In addition to the fishing feature, the update also adds a Food Processor for creating bait buckets to improve fishing prospects. Two new resources, sand and glass, have been added to the game, expanding the possibilities for item crafting.

With a variety of LEGO styles and many new items, this update offers a lot for players to explore. Check out the detailed patch notes below.

LEGO Fortnite Patch Notes for v28.30

Introduced Resources

Craftable Items Added

  • Fishing Rod Varieties
    • Basic Fishing Rod
    • Improved Fishing Rod
    • Advanced Fishing Rod
    • Expert Fishing Rod
  • Bait Bucket Selection
    • Standard Bait Bucket
    • Enhanced Bait Bucket
    • Premium Bait Bucket
    • Supreme Bait Bucket
  • Looking Glass
  • Orienteering Compass

Additional Workstations

Fresh Recipes

  • Sliced Fish Delicacy
  • Tasty Smoked Fish
  • Sushi with a Kick

Charming New Additions

  • Glimmering Charm
  • Tide’s Fortune Charm

Assortment of New Creatures

  • Sunny Flopper
  • Azure Flopper
  • Vibrant Flopper
  • Revenge Flopper
  • Dual-toned Shield Fish
  • Lavender Thermal Fish
  • Mystic Raven Thermal Fish
  • Gleaming Silver Thermal Fish
  • Soothing Blue Slurp Fish
  • Mystic Purple Slurp Fish
  • Bright Yellow Slurp Fish
  • Azure Small Fry
  • Embrace Jelly Fish
  • Slurp Jelly Fish
  • Fierce Spicy Fish

Just Arrived Residents

Latest LEGO-Style Threads

  • Winged Airie
  • Flakes Power Suit
  • Armored Iron Man Zero
  • Pixelated Lazarbeam
  • Sweet Loserfruit
  • Max Power Max
  • Stealthy Ninja

Tweaks, Enhancements, and Bug Squashing

Refined Gameplay

  • Expand your village with up to 20 villagers, organized into 4 groups of 5.
  • Simulated sitting-in-chairs experience now available!
  • Unlock recipes seamlessly in Sandbox mode.
  • Resolved the stamina-recharge glitch.
  • Issues with spawning inside structures, beneath snow, or atop objects from previous logouts have been fixed.
  • Villagers on your escapades will now leap out of aquatic locations with ease.
  • Cave-companion villagers are now indifferent to external weather.
  • Ensured daggers dish out damage even when beneath foes.
  • Dynamic platforms are now perfectly pivoted for symmetry and snapping.

Enhanced Stability & Performance

  • Cured the glitch preventing world re-entry for players.

Overhauled Physics

  • Resolved the hiccup of placing parts on mobile foundations until shuffled.
  • Objects no longer do a vanishing act in caves.
  • Consistent resource drops from destruction via physics confirmed.

User Interface Overhaul

  • Overhauled several menus to display your LEGO Outfit portraits with precision.
  • Rectified the crafting menu interruption during bench upgrades.

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