Incredible Fortnite Leak Unveils Spectacular Event Plans

# Incredible Fortnite Leak Unveils Spectacular Event Plans

Fervent fans of Fortnite are currently engrossed in an exciting event leading up to the next season launch on May 24. The event is unfolding in multiple stages, with two phases already completed. The next phase is expected to kick off on Thursday around 2 PM Eastern Time, and a recent leak has hinted at some amazing developments in the works.

The leak offers a sneak peek into a video detailing the event. Warning: This article contains spoilers. With the next part of the Fortnite extravaganza right around the corner, players have the opportunity to experience it in real-time within the game.

## Revolutionary Fortnite Leak Unveils Event Video

Early on Thursday at around 9 AM Eastern Time, Epic Games released several files related to the event. Data miners and leakers quickly got hold of these files and shared details about the upcoming event with the community. The excitement is palpable, as the leaked footage promises an awe-inspiring experience. You can view the leaked footage below, all credit goes to notkrae, a notable figure in the data mining community.

The leaked video contains groundbreaking information. If you prefer surprises, you might want to watch the event unfold live at 2 PM Eastern Time instead.

The upcoming Fortnite event is expected to introduce a game-changing moment by unleashing Pandora’s Box, resulting in a fierce sandstorm that may sweep players into the air. This pivotal event is said to be triggered by a dramatic strike from the Mount Olympus statue, advancing the event’s storyline. Leaks suggest that these sandstorm activities could continue until Saturday, May 18.

The total number of phases for the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 prelude event remains uncertain. However, it appears that the grand finale will center around Zeus’ apocalyptic actions and the players’ united efforts to thwart his plans.

*Image Source: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock*

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