PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue For May 2024 Features Red Dead Redemption 2, Deceive Inc. And More

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The collection of games for PlayStation Plus in May 2024 includes a variety of exciting titles, with the standout being the highly acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2.

The upcoming batch of games will be available on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Players can look forward to not only enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2 but also Deceive Inc., Crime Boss: Rockay City, Watch Dogs, and several other engaging titles. Let’s take a closer look at the games coming to the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue for May.

PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue – Extra and Deluxe

Red Dead Redemption 2 – PS4

Red Dead Redemption 2 dives into the narrative of life in America during the dawn of the modern era. The era of the Wild West is fading, with lawmen relentlessly pursuing the remaining outlaw gangs. Players step into the shoes of Arthur Morgan following a botched robbery in the frontier town of Blackwater, leading to a harrowing escape for him and the Van der Linde Gang. As they traverse America’s heartland, evading skilled bounty hunters and determined federal agents, players must guide the gang in their quest for survival. With looming threats of disintegration within the gang, every decision impacts their destiny.

Additionally, Red Dead Online offers a multiplayer extension to Red Dead Redemption 2. Players can craft their character and embark on solo or cooperative adventures with friends. From distilling moonshine to facing off against law enforcement and rival gangs, players dictate the course of their American saga.

Deceive Inc. – PS5

Embark on a clandestine journey as the premier secret agent in a multiplayer environment rife with social stealth and deception in Deceive Inc. Players choose their approach in Deceive Inc., with an array of unique agents, each boasting distinct playstyles, weaponry, and abilities. By assuming various identities to seamlessly blend in, deploying cutting-edge gadgets, and retrieving coveted packages before competitors seize them, players immerse themselves in the art of subterfuge.

The Sims 4 City Living – PS4

Enrich your Sims’ lives with The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack, transporting them to the vibrant urban landscape. Delve into the experience of acquiring your initial city apartment in a diverse array of bustling neighborhoods. Engage with city festivals, street entertainers, and contests, immersing yourself in the urban culture teeming with intriguing characters to forge friendships with.

Crime Boss: Rockay City | PS5

Ascend as the reigning figure in Rockay City by assuming the mantle of the up-and-coming underworld luminary, Travis Baker (portrayed by Michael Madsen). Engage in a solo roguelike venture, employing strategy and firepower to execute heists, seize rival territories, all while evading the relentless pursuit of Sheriff Norris (depicted by Chuck Norris). Unveil the background of each team member through flashback missions. Crime Boss: Rockay City also provides an option for collaborative online PvE gameplay, encouraging teamwork in orchestrating daring heists.

The Settlers: New Allies – PS4

The Settlers: New Allies presents a strategic gaming experience replete with intricate construction mechanics and real-time tactical engagements, complemented by a narrative-rich campaign. Players must select one among three factions, distinguished by their distinctive appearances, gameplay strategies, and backstories. Test your mettle in Hardcore mode or engage in online battles against up to eight players, pitting factions against each other or AI opponents.

In the PlayStation Plus game catalogue for May, players can enjoy a variety of games across different genres and themes. One of the featured games is “Stranded: Alien Dawn,” a planet survival simulation game where players must ensure the survival of a marooned group facing various challenges like starvation, disease, extreme weather, and alien threats.

Another game highlighted in the catalogue is “Cat Quest,” an open-world RPG immersed in a world of cats with engaging stories and puns as players embark on a quest to rescue a kidnapped sister. Following this is “Cat Quest II,” a 2D open-world action RPG set in a fantasy realm of cats and dogs, featuring a story of two kings uniting against a common enemy and reclaiming their thrones.

Players can also dive into “The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame,” where they assume the role of Emmet to save his friends from alien invaders, venturing into space and employing Master Building skills to overcome challenges. Another title available is “Watch Dogs,” enabling players to step into the shoes of hacker Aiden Pearce in a hackable version of Chicago, offering unique gameplay experiences with the ability to manipulate the city’s infrastructure.

Additionally, the PlayStation Deluxe Classics collection includes “2Xtreme,” a multi-discipline racing game allowing players to engage in various extreme sports activities across different global locations, either solo or in split-screen multiplayer mode. These games offer a diverse range of gameplay experiences for players to enjoy in the PlayStation Plus May game catalogue.

G-Police – PS4/PS5

Embark on a mission to combat hardcore criminals causing havoc in the city of Callisto. Maneuver through obstacles like skyscrapers and bridges while patrolling the skies in your heavily armed DASA-Kamov gunship. Join the ranks of the G-Police, engage rebel ships in aerial battles, and enjoy 360° flight capabilities. Engage in combat across 35 strategic missions in the ground and air. G-Police offers various enhancements such as up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and customizable video filters.

Worms Pinball – PS4/PS5

Immerse yourself in an action-packed pinball experience with Worms Pinball. Explore 3D LED displayed sub-games, parallel objectives, transparent ramps, user-controlled moving gadgets, unique flip passes, bang backs, death saves, and many more exciting features. Delight in the diverse gameplay of Worms Pinball with its dynamic action and intricate table rules.

When Will the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue for May Games be Available?

The PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue will introduce these games to its subscription service on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. This means these selected games will be downloadable from the Catalogue starting from this date.

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