Dead Island 2 Story Expansion ‘SoLA’ Now Available

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The latest expansion for Dead Island 2, called SoLA, has been released, introducing a new storyline set in a Californian music festival plagued by a deadly virus.

The SoLA DLC transforms Dead Island 2 into a vibrant music festival located in California, but the festival grounds harbor ancient secrets. In the midst of the festival’s upbeat atmosphere, chaos ensues with the emergence of a psychedelic beat. Learn more about the new DLC features below.

What Is Included in Dead Island 2’s SoLA Story Expansion?

The SoLA story expansion for Dead Island 2 offers a plethora of new content for players to enjoy, including a fresh storyline and powerful weaponry. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of what players can expect from the SoLA story expansion in Dead Island 2.

New Story

A deadly virus spreads through The Valley, transforming its inhabitants into ravenous zombies. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious rhythmic beat called the Autophage draws in the infected. Players must heed an enigmatic warning and delve into the ruins of SoLA during the festival to halt the devastation.

New Location

The infectious Beat jeopardizes all life within the music festival in downtown LA. As the Beat infects the living, converting them into zombies, the threat looms over the city, posing a global risk.

New Enemies

The SoLA expansion introduces two menacing adversaries. The Whipper, an apex variant driven to madness by the Autophage, wields its entrails as long-range weapons in a horrifying display. Additionally, the Clotter, another apex zombie, can regenerate and unleash a powerful blood jet attack even after being damaged.

New Legendary Weapons

Unleash the power of the Ripper in the SoLA DLC, a fearsome weapon combining a baseball bat with a circular saw. If long-range firepower is your preference, the Sawblade Launcher is the perfect choice, firing rotary saw blades to decimate enemies from afar.

When is the SoLA Story Expansion Out?

The SoLA story expansion for Dead Island 2 was released on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Players can dive into the thrilling festival experience on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, the same platforms where Dead Island 2 is available.

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