‘Wizard With A Gun’ To Introduce 4-Player Co-Op Mode

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Exciting news for Wizard With a Gun fans as the game gears up to roll out a host of long-awaited features, notably the highly requested 4-player co-op mode.

The anticipated online co-op sandbox survival game, Wizard With a Gun, is set to welcome four-player co-op play. This update marks a significant step towards realizing developer Galvanic’s original vision, allowing two additional Wizards to join the adventure. Alongside the introduction of the four-player co-op mode, an upcoming update will bring a plethora of exciting features for players to enjoy.

Release Date for Co-op Mode in Wizard With a Gun

The 4-player co-op feature for Wizard With a Gun is slated to be included in the Better Together update, set to release on Monday, May 13, 2024. This update will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X. However, the Better Together update promises more than just co-op play. Players can look forward to a wealth of content coming their way in this upcoming update, including:

  • Enabling up to 4 wizards to team up against The Shatter.
  • Inclusion of preset difficulty modes like Ranger (Easy), Gunslinger (Normal), Sheriff (Hard), and Outlaw (Very Hard).
  • Customize your own difficulty mode by adjusting variables to suit your gameplay style.
  • Introduction of a new boss.
  • A hidden ending.
  • Additional secrets to uncover.

Despite bringing players together, the Better Together update does not currently mention cross-platform play for Wizard With a Gun. This feature might be considered for a future update. Therefore, players are advised to stay patient and await any official announcements from Galvanic regarding this aspect.

That wraps up the latest on Wizard With a Gun’s 4-player co-op mode. For more similar updates, feel free to explore our Guide Hub for additional information.

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