Will Loki Fix the Multiverse in Season 2? A Recap of His Story So Far

Loki Season 2 is upon us, and if the Loki Season 2 trailer tells us anything, the future of the MCU depends on our favorite ne’er-do-well Loki. There will be plenty for Tom Hiddleston’s signature character to solve, plus Sylvie, He Who Remains, and maybe Kang (?) will all figure into the mix!
MCU fans think this troubled phase may all come down to Loki, so get ready for our breakdown of the journey of Loki — his timeline as it has played out for many years of Marvel movies (and now shows too). Loki has had an extremely long, non-linear journey leading to the Disney+ Loki series. Loki, Thor, Sylvie, Mobius, Odin, Frigga, the Avengers, the TVA, several variants, and even more have brought our Loki to be the character he is. Let’s explore what exactly that means in our Loki: The Story So Far video!

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