We Breakdown & Play with New Competitive Cards/Decks from Pokemon Silver Tempest – Let’s Play Lounge

Frosted Caribou returns and we open Pokemon booster packs from Pokemon: Silver Tempest & we breakdown the best competitive cards that are competition-ready. Finally, we introduce two new competitive decks from Silver Tempest in a Let’s Play and it’s all brought to you by the Pokémon Company International.

These decks are part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield line of Pokemon TCG and hold all your favorite Pokemon. Opening them was a blast and we were able to pull pokemon cards that were helpful in our Pokemon TCG Let’s Play. 

The decks we used were led by Alolan Vulpix VStar decks and the Lugia VStar Deck from Pokemon: Sword and Shield – Silver Tempest

00:00 – Intro
01:28 – Pokemon TCG Game Quickly Explained
02:38 – Pokemon Opening – Unboxing Silver Tempest Booster Box
08:43 – New Competitive Decks – Pokemon Silver Tempest
12:30 – Let’s Play 
37:31 – Sword and Shield: Silver Tempest 

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