Warzone 2 to Introduce Map Rotation in Season 4 Reloaded

Warzone 2 players have eagerly awaited the addition of map rotations to provide more variety. The developers have now confirmed that Rotating Resurgence Playlists will be introduced in Season 4 Reloaded.

The upcoming Season 4 Reloaded update for Warzone 2 will bring a host of new content, including the MX Guardian Shotgun and a crossover with The Boys. The Occupation Scan in-game event will also be featured in Vondel, showing the developers’ continued commitment to their new map.

Since Vondel was introduced at the start of Season 4, fans have been requesting its rotation with Ashika Island to offer more variety in each match. Now, the developers have announced that the Rotating Resurgence Playlists feature will be introduced for the first time in Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded.

In a blog post on July 10th detailing the Season 4 Reloaded update, it was confirmed that a “map rotation system” will be implemented on Wednesday, July 12th, for “Resurgence modes only.”

“After a certain amount of time specified in-game, the Rotating Resurgence Playlists will shift from Vondel to Ashika Island and vice versa for a given squad size,” stated the developers.


Vondel has been a popular addition since arriving in Season 4.

According to the information provided in the blog, it seems that different squad sizes will have access to different maps at different times. For example, the Solos map could be Ashika Island while Quads can only be played on Vondel.

Apex Legends employs a similar feature for its battle royale maps, rotating them every 90 minutes. However, it was not stated how long Ashika Island and Vondel will remain active in Warzone 2 before being swapped out.

Nevertheless, it appears that the two maps will rotate quite regularly, as the developers added: “The best Resurgence squads should prove their mettle by winning back-to-back matches in Vondel and Ashika Island, and the truly elite can go on winning streaks for hours while (virtually) jet-setting between those two locales.”

A comprehensive explanation of how the Warzone 2 Rotating Resurgence Playlists feature will function will be provided once the Season 4 Reloaded update goes live on July 14th.


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