Valve’s Next Title “Deadlock” Leaked Online

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The next title from Valve, named “Deadlock,” has been leaked and draws inspiration from various popular shooter games.

This year has witnessed the return of hero shooters, with Overwatch competing against recent titles like Marvel Rivals and other prominent shooters. The leak of Valve’s upcoming game, “Deadlock,” has surfaced online, showcasing similarities to well-known games and shooters in the market. Once Deadlock hits the shelves, games like Overwatch, Marvel Rivals, Valorant, and other hero shooters will face a new contender.

Overview of Valve’s Game Deadlock

According to leaker Gabe Follower, Deadlock is described as a fast-paced, competitive, third-person hero-based shooter. It incorporates tower defense elements, usable abilities, and 6 vs. 6 gameplay in a large map with four distinct lanes. Players have the option to traverse the map using floating rails scattered throughout. Set in a mix of fantasy and steampunk, the game showcases a modern steampunk European city as the primary map, featuring magicians, peculiar creatures, and robots.

Deadlock draws inspiration from several popular games to create a unique experience within the hero shooter genre. Titles like Bioshock Infinite, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, and Orcs Must Die have influenced the development of Deadlock. Allegedly, Valve has also invited competitive YouTubers to try out Deadlock under strict non-disclosure agreements.

Originally, Deadlock had a sci-fi theme akin to Half-Life and Portal, but after receiving negative feedback, the focus shifted more towards fantasy. Leaked designs of the in-game heroes resemble those found in the Dota universe. While Deadlock draws inspiration from various games, concerns have been raised regarding its potentially cartoon-like art style. This could lead to Deadlock being perceived as too similar to existing successful hero shooters, notably Overwatch, resulting in a saturated market within the genre.

Release Date for Deadlock?

No official information has been released by Valve regarding the launch date or supported platforms for Deadlock. However, Tyler McVicker mentioned that Deadlock is currently in a Closed Alpha phase, with hundreds of players testing the game. Initially, only Valve employees’ friends and family were part of the Closed Alpha testing. Nevertheless, it seems that external individuals have also been included. Therefore, an official announcement for Deadlock might be on the horizon.

As with any leaked information, caution is advised. This covers the latest details on Valve’s leaked upcoming game. Are you excited to play it upon release? Share your thoughts in the comments below! For more related content, feel free to explore our Guide Hub.

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