Tomb Raider MTG Card Reveals Potentially New Lara Croft Model For Upcoming Sequel

Tomb Raider is a well-known and beloved video game franchise featuring the iconic character Lara Croft. Fans are eagerly awaiting details about the next installment in her adventures. While remasters of the original Tomb Raider games are on the horizon, a sequel, referred to as TR12, is also in development. Despite not having seen much of the new game, a Tomb Raider Magic The Gathering card is providing a potential glimpse at a new Lara Croft model for the upcoming sequel.

This year has been significant for Lara Croft enthusiasts as it marks the 27th anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise. Additionally, there has been a notable collaboration with Call of Duty, which reunited the character with the voice actress from the game Legend, Keeley Hawes. Looking ahead to 2023, fans can anticipate the release of remastered versions of the first three Tomb Raider games, as well as a Netflix anime series featuring the talents of Hayley Atwell from Marvel and Mission Impossible.

In addition to these exciting developments, a TR12 sequel is in the works. Although details about the game are scarce and no official footage has been released, the Magic The Gathering card may offer a glimpse of the Lara Croft model to come.

Tomb Raider MTG card possibly shows new Lara Croft model

A crossover between Tomb Raider and Magic The Gathering has recently been unveiled. The release date for Tomb Raider meets Magic The Gathering is approaching, and fans are advised to act swiftly as the set is available for a limited time and exclusively on the Secret Lair website. Known for their remarkable artwork, the cards credit professionals Jonas De Ro, Bartek Fedyczak, Eliz Roxs, and Greg Staples for their outstanding work.

Among the cards is one featuring Lara Croft, described as a human ranger and legendary creature. Her abilities include First Strike and reach, and she has the capability to ‘exile up to one legendary card or legendary land card from a graveyard and put a discovery counter on it’. Aside from her abilities, the card’s artwork is particularly noteworthy. It may be a representation of the new Lara Croft model for Tomb Raider 12, consistent with her appearance in Call of Duty and unified artwork shared on Tomb Raider social media channels.

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that the series will be unified with the survivor origin canon, meaning the survivor Lara will evolve into the classic and Legend Lara known to fans. This unified Lara, depicted in the MTG card artwork, wears the classic blue tank top and cargo shorts, wields dual pistols, and features the survivor ice axe and green pendant. If this is the Lara Croft featured in Tomb Raider 12, it will likely please both new and old-school fans, as it pays homage to classic Lara while acknowledging the survivor era. Her facial features align more closely with the survivor Lara while still showcasing the classic long braid.

Regarding TR12, little is known except that it’s a single-player game being developed by Crystal Dynamics using Unreal Engine 5. It will unify the timelines and be published by Amazon Games. There’s hope that the sequel will be revealed at The Game Awards 2023, but fans are advised to temper their expectations as nothing is guaranteed.

Image Source: Tomb Raider @ Instagram

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