This Is The Cheapest Solution for “The Reds” SBC

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The latest Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in EA FC 24 offers great rewards and here is how to complete “The Reds”.

SBCs, also known as squad-building challenges, are a feature in the Ultimate Team mode where players fill requirements with players from their squad and trade them in for rewards. The type of SBC and its reward changes frequently, so those curious to know what this offering is can read below.

“The Reds” SBC Requirements

As with every squad-based challenge in EA FC 24, there are prerequisites that you must abide by when submitting a squad. Here are the requirements to satisfy the conditions for “The Reds” SBC:

  • 1 player minimum required from Liverpool (Women’s player recommended)
  • 3 players minimum from the same league
  • 5 players minimum all from the same nation
  • 1 gold player minimum, with a team rating of at least 65
  • Minimum of 14 Squad Total Chemistry points

“The Reds” SBC Solution

It’s recommended to use the following players as the cheapest solution for completing the challenge:

  • Teagan Micah (Silver): OVR: 74, POS: GK, Cost: 1700
  • Lukas Hejda (Silver): OVR 74, POS: CB, Cost: 350
  • Daniel Hall (Bronze): OVR 64, POS: CB, Cost: 200
  • Adam Montgomery (Bronze): OVR 64, POS: LB, Cost: 200
  • Jack Burrows (Bronze): OVR 64, POS RB, Cost: 200
  • Aiden O’Neil (Silver): OVR 71, POS CDM, Cost 350
  • Clare Wheeler (Silver): OVR 71, POS CM, Cost: 700
  • Filippa Angeldahl (Gold): OVR 77, POS CM, Cost: 400
  • Marlee Francois (Bronze): OVR 59, POS LW, Cost: 200
  • David Williams (Bronze): OVR 64, POS ST, Cost: 200
  • Garang Kuol (Bronze): OVR 62, POS RW, Cost: 200

Cost: 4,700 coins

“The Reds” Reward

Once all the conditions for this squad-based challenge have been met, players can expect to receive a Premium Gold Pack as a reward.

The pack offers 12 different gold items ranging from players to consumables, plus 3 rare items. Players should note that all the contents of the pack are tradable.

This is everything you need to know about Squad Battles in EA FC 24. Make sure you check our game hub for all the latest updates and guides on EA FC 24.

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