How You Can Get Free FIFA 23 World Cup Players In Ultimate Team

With the FIFA 23 World Cup takeover commencing November 9, here’s how you can get some free World Cup player items for Ultimate Team.

The FIFA 23 World Cup takeover event is set to bring the drama of Qatar 2022 to the most popular football game in the world.

The event will be taking over multiple modes in FIFA 23, but players are arguably most excited for its content in Ultimate Team. There will be new World Cup player items up for grabs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and there’s even a way to get some of them free.

EA Sports have set up a World Cup prediction system, and after the devs simulated all 64 matches using “dedicated FIFA World Cup 2022 ratings,” Argentina came out on top.

According to the EA blog, EA have predicted “the last three winners” of the World Cup, and now they’re handing it over to the community to predict and win some in-game rewards.

Free FIFA 23 World Cup reward player items in Ultimate Team

In order to get three free FIFA 23 World Cup player items in Ultimate Team, players must make their own FIFA World Cup 2022 prediction using the EA website.

Simply visit the EA World Cup prediction page, log in, and make your prediction. After doing this, “three Limited Time FIFA World Cup Player Items” will be added to your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team squad when the event goes live.

These aren’t the only rewards that are up for grabs during the FIFA 23 World Cup takeover, as players can also receive some end-of-event rewards by leveling up. Players will also be able to grab some World Cup-themed Swaps, so make sure you check out our guide on the World Cup Swaps so you know everything about them.

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