These Are The Psychic-Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

Psychic-type Pokemon can be fiery foes to challenge in any Pokemon game, and some of them are even scarier than Ghost-types. Here we’ll cover all their weaknesses and resistances, so you’re ready to battle Psychic-type Pokemon any time.

Psychic-type Pokemon were the main stars of Gen 1 thanks to their overpowered movesets and few weaknesses. That changed in Gen 2 with the introduction of Dark-type Pokemon, so today there are many ways to face powerful Psychic-types in battle.

While these Pokemon are still one of the most powerful types in the whole franchise, they are not invincible. Here’s everything you need to know about Psychic-type Pokemon weaknesses and resistances.

  • What are Psychic-type Pokemon
  • All Psychic-type Pokemon weaknesses
  • All Psychic-type Pokemon resistances

What are Psychic-type Pokemon

Psychic-type Pokemon have been in the franchise since the beginning, with iconic creatures like Alakazam, Mew, and Mewtwo among many others. While they don’t have any visual features that set them apart, Psychic-types usually have powerful moves that can inflict status effects that could change the outcome of any battle.

Psychic is the fifth most common type in the franchise, representing more than a 10% of all Pokemon. All other 17 types have been paired up with Psychic at least once according to Bulbapedia.

All Psychic-type Pokemon weaknesses

From Gen 2 onward, Psychic-type Pokemon are weak to Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks. Dark-type Pokemon are usually the go-to type when facing Psychic-types because they’re immune to all Psychic-type damage.

It’s important to note that Psychic-type moves are not very effective against Steel and other Psychic-type Pokemon.

As we mentioned, many Psychic-types have dual typing, so you should keep that in mind when looking for weaknesses in your opponent.

All Psychic-type Pokemon resistance

Psychic-type Pokemon can resist all Fighting and Psychic-type moves, so you should avoid those categories when preparing for battle.

Regarding strengths, Psychic-type attacks are strong against Fighting and Poison-type opponents.

While you should avoid using these Pokemon types when battling a Psychic type, it’s also essential to know if they have dual-typing.

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