The Most Realistic Forest Graphics on the Nintendo Switch 2 and Other Struggles

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reviews drop, PlayStation reveals new games on a State of Play stream, Xbox teams up to help out Palworld, and more in a week full of gaming news.

Yell at Jake on twitter:



Cool Unreal Engine 5 tech demo (MAWI United)

Switch TOO successful?

Bloomberg: Nintendo planning to ship 10+ million Nintendo Switch 2 next fiscal year

Palworld 12 million sold on steam, hit 19 million players

Biggest third party xbox launch, xbox jumps in:

State of Play roundup

Steam Next Fest Feb 5th

Like a Dragon success

Leaked Call of Duty from Neversoft

Bloodlines 2 gameplay

Suicide Squad


Day Before investigation video

Credit: YouTube/gameranx

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