Strategies Behind Fortnite’s New In-Game Challenges

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In the latest chapter of Fortnite, a new feature has been introduced that has left players wondering about the direction Epic Games is taking. The addition of Match Quests has caused some confusion within the community, as gamers question the reasoning behind these challenges.

A Reddit conversation titled ‘Match Quests be like’ initiated by TonyDML shows various gamers highlighting unusual tasks encountered in Match Quests. Although the accompanying image depicts unrealistic tasks such as ‘Secure a Victory Royale with 21 eliminations’ and ‘Chop down 2 trees’, it gives an idea of how diverse and sometimes challenging the quests can be.

Players shared their least favorite quirky challenges. VortexTalon expressed frustration with “Trying to emote near an adversary without building cover,” while nodyrisa1 was torn between sniping precision tasks and finding a societal badge. IllTemperedMaggot humorously suggested a hypothetical challenge completion tally of “0/22”.

Many community members are not embracing the Match Quests, especially compared to the previous daily quest system. Neeralazra admitted, “The single quest per match setup is the main turnoff for me when I play the game,” while _Samus pointed out that the new format is more time-consuming. Nobeliumraniumz expressed a preference for the former system and its flexibility.

It remains uncertain whether Epic will stick with the Match Quests or revamp the quest system once again for the upcoming season. Nevertheless, the game continues to evolve, introducing fresh modes such as Lego-themed battles, Rocket Racing, and the Fortnite Festival. These ensure that players still have a variety of activities to enjoy and ways to progress in their battle pass. For those seeking a competitive edge, our tips on the optimal Fortnite keybinds might just give you the advantage you need in your next match.

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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