Steam Users Express Disappointment with Payday 3 Launch Due to Connectivity Problems

The release of Payday 3 has been met with criticism from the disappointed Steam community. Many players appreciated the upgrades provided by Deep Silver to this latest bank heist first-person shooter (FPS). However, these improvements were overshadowed by widespread networking issues on the game’s launch day, rendering it virtually unplayable.

As expected, the majority of reviews on the Payday 3 Steam page have been negative due to ongoing server problems. The game’s requirement for a constant internet connection made it nearly impossible to join a heist. Instead of enjoying thrilling Payday 3 missions, players found themselves searching for solutions to the Payday 3 Nebula connection data error.

Furthermore, the obligatory internet connection demanded by Starbreeze Studios and Deep Silver has faced significant public criticism once again. Even those who wanted to play the game in single-player mode had no choice but to wait for the connection issues to be resolved. Unfortunately, these matchmaking problems persist, leading to an increasing number of negative reviews on Steam.

Meanwhile, the Payday 3 team stated on their official Twitter account that they are currently “investigating” the rise in matchmaking-related issues and are diligently working to restore functionality. However, it seems unlikely that these problems will be resolved quickly due to the overwhelming number of gamers attempting to access the game, resulting in server overload. It would have been convenient to have an offline mode that did not require constant internet connectivity.

While we await stable servers, you may take this opportunity to explore our guides for the best assault build, top stealth build, and Payday 3 Under the Surphaze stealth guide.

Image Source: nikkimeel / Shutterstock

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