Stanger Things Lead Actor David Harbour Cast In Gran Turismo Movie

Stranger Things actor David Harbour has been cast in the upcoming movie adaptation of PlayStation classic, Gran Turismo.

David Harbour, who also played Red Guardian in Black Widow, as well as the upcoming Marvel’s Thunderbolts movie. However, the Stranger Things star has been cast in the Gran Turismo movie by PlayStation Productions.

Gran Turismo will be directed by Neill Blomkamp

In an exclusive from Hollywood Reporter, Harbour is said to play a retired race driver. Moreover, he will also fill the role of mentor to the movie’s main protagonist. The Gran Turismo movie will be directed by Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium as well as Chappie).

Furthermore, on behalf of PlayStation Productions, Asad Qizilbash, Carter Swan, Doug Belgrad and Dana Brunetti will be producing the adaptation. “As one of PlayStation’s longest standing and most beloved franchises, it’s great to be partnering with Columbia Pictures again to bring Gran Turismo to life in an exciting way,” said Qizilbash.

Gran Turismo movie is based on a true story

We can’t wait for audiences to see Neill’s vision of this inspiring true story of a gamer turned professional race car driver,” continued Qizilbash.

Furthermore, the Gran Turismo movie synopsis reads: “the film is the ultimate wish fulfilment tale of a teenage Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills won a series of Nissan competitions to become an actual professional race car driver.

However, out of all the recently announced video game adaptations from Sony, this Gran Turismo movie seems the strangest choice from the bunch. Nonetheless, with it being based on a true story, it will hopefully benefit the tone of the movie and will go on to be a success.

Further PlayStation adaptations are on the way

Along with the Uncharted movie, we’re also getting a Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series, a God of War series on Amazon as well as a Ghost of Tsushima movie.

Are you excited about the Gran Turismo movie? Let us know across our social media channels. Sony plans to release the adaptation in cinemas on August 11th, 2023.

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