Sony Hack: Hackers Declare Successful Breach of All Systems – IGN Daily Fix

A relatively new hacking group claims to have breached all of Sony’s systems and is selling the data, in a move reminiscent of the 2011 Sony hack that compromised millions of  users’ data. And there was also the 2014 hack of Sony Pictures, which leaked info that made North Korea mad. Sony can’t catch a break, huh? In related Sony news, new PS5 owners can download a free Sony-published game. Might not be a bad time to grab Spider-Man Remastered or Miles Morales before Spider-Man 2 drops next month. In Star Wars news, fans of Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords are suing the developer and publisher of the Switch port.  The port was released last year, and though it’s a competent and well-made port, it’s missing DLC that the publisher promised would make it’s way to the game. Well it didn’t, and KOTOR fans are big mad. And finally, game developer Hideki Kamiya, probably most famous for the Bayonetta series and Devil May Cry, is leaving PlatinumGames. The split apparently is mutual, and he’ll still be making games. IGN wishes him well.

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Credit: YouTube/IGN

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