Recent Fortnite Patch Tweaks Beloved Gear But Embraces Others

The latest update for Fortnite has brought about significant changes to the game. Chapter 5 introduced a variety of new content to the popular title, marking the end of a period with no major updates. The v28.10 update, released on a Tuesday morning, revitalized the game and brought a wave of fresh changes.

Epic has implemented adjustments across all primary game modes, detailed in their complete Fortnite update notes. These changes include several item balance tweaks aimed at improving gameplay and fairness.

Ballistic Shield and Sniper Rifles Take a Hit in Latest Fortnite Update

The v28.10 update for Fortnite has seen Epic Games reduce the effectiveness of the Ballistic Shield and the Reaper Sniper Rifle. Acknowledging that the shield was overly strong, especially in Zero Build modes, the update has made it possible to dislodge the shield bearer with less damage, making the Ballistic Shield less effective with fewer hits.

Changes to the Reaper Sniper Rifle include reductions in bullet speed and enhancements to bullet drop, making long-range shots more challenging for players.

On the other hand, the Enforcer AR and Hyper SMG have been improved, making them more powerful on the battlefield. The Enforcer AR, previously weaker compared to similar weapons, now boasts higher damage, an improved headshot bonus, and reduced bullet drop.

The less popular Hyper SMG has been revamped to offer increased accuracy through a narrowed bullet spread.

Other adjustments in the latest Fortnite update include resetting sprint speed, energy restoration, and storm circle pacing back to their Chapter 4 statuses.

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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