Official Trailer for Beast – Playable Villain Announced at TGS 2023

Meet Prince Nicolai of Carpathian Ruthenia in this latest trailer for Beast, and get a peek at gameplay and this playable villain from the upcoming tactical turn-based game with RPG elements.

In Beast, the game’s story will be told from two sides, intertwining protagonist Anton Sabbados and antagonist Prince Nicolai’s destinies. Imprisoned at a young age and later adopted by King Lurius, Nicolai was brought up to become the successor to the throne. Used to his privileged position, Prince Nicolai willingly played his part in his father’s schemes until learning about King Lurius’s heinous past. Prince Nicolai will question everything he knows; the dogma, domestic politics, foreign relations, and his own role in Lurius’s dynastic plans. When Prince Nicolai learns that Anton has been given a critical mission by King Lurius, he sets out to stop Anton for his own selfish reasons.

Beast will be available on PC.

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Credit: YouTube/IGN

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