Official Gameplay Overview Trailer for Soulslinger: Envoy of Death

Join lead designer Ede Tarsoly at Elder Games for a deep dive into the gameplay loop of Soulslinger: Envoy of Death, including how to gain powerful abilities and how progression works in this upcoming roguelite first-person shooter game.

In Soulslinger: Envoy of Death, step into the dusty boots of a Soulslinger—a gunslinger trapped in Limbo and entangled in a gritty war against The Cartel, a ruthless organization bent on domination. Harvest souls to boost your powers, craft weapons and gear, and interact with NPCs while fighting through a dark, western-themed afterlife.

Soulslinger: Envoy of Death will be available in Q4 2023 on Early Access, and a new demo will be available as a part of Steam Next Fest from October 9 through October 16, 2023.

Credit: YouTube/IGN

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