Modern Warfare 2 Wallhack Shows Live Pings Are Not Working

Modern Warfare 2 features the ability to live ping players with the built-in ping system or a Spotter Scope. Here’s how one player turned live pings into free wall hacks in MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 players continue to grind the game prior to the upcoming Season 2 update. Luckily, the active Double XP event should assist players looking to progress before the update comes along.

The update will deliver several changes after the devs delayed the start date to work on improving the game. Since launch, Modern Warfare 2 players have failed to come to terms with new features such as Perk Packages and weapon tuning.

Another new feature in Modern Warfare 2 delivered the ability to ping enemy players, much like in Warzone. A clip posted to the Modern Warfare subreddit titled “Should live pinging be allowed in Search and Destroy?” has players split when it comes to the answer.

Modern Warfare 2 Spotter Scope gives free wallhacks

The clip features a player utilizing a Riot Shield, RPK, and Spotter Scope to perfection. The player uses superior positioning to get live pings on enemy players with a Spotter Scope. Next, the player takes cover and kills the pinged enemies through a wall as their positions are revealed.

Should live pinging be allowed in Search and Destroy? from ModernWarfareII

One player in the comments described the strategy as the “Ultimate cheese.” They continue to explain that the ping system “is such a major oversight given what that wall hack perk did to Search and Destroy in Vanguard last year.”

On the flip side, another player claimed that “the dude didn’t just ping them though, he marked them with a spotter scope, which takes time.” In other words, they believe that the free wall hacks are a justified reward for properly using the Spotter Scope.

The ping of a Spotter Scope will track an enemy for longer than the standard ping, which makes it completely broken in Search and Destroy situations given the high stakes with only one life per round.

It’s clear that some players believe Modern Warfare 2’s live pings are completely broken, offering players an unfair advantage. While others believe they’re fair game due to the fact that they’re difficult to pull off with the Spotter Scope and that you can counter them with the Cold-Blooded Perk.

If you’re on the fence about the strategy used in the clip above, you can give it a try in Modern Warfare 2 and see for yourself whether it’s broken or not.

Image Source: santoelia / Shutterstock

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