‘Modern Warfare 2’: Angry Ranked Play Fans Request Developers To Remove Problematic Map

A Modern Warfare 2 map has infuriated Ranked Play fans who are begging the devs to remove it from the rotation.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play has been a huge success since it arrived with the Season 2 update. For weeks, players have been climbing Ranks and Skill Divisions, and earning Ranked Play rewards along the way.

The interest in Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play has even coincided with a major boost in Twitch viewership. The community reaction to Ranked Play has been overwhelmingly positive, but the mode is not without its flaws.

For starters, players were furious with the overpowered ISO Hemlock’s availability in Ranked Play at the start of Season 2. Luckily, the devs acted swiftly to add the Assault Rifle to the restricted list of weapons.

Now, players are hoping for more intervention from the devs as countless complaints surrounding a Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play map continue to surface.

Modern Warfare 2 players fed up with Al Bagra Fortress

While the Reddit post below is titled “Remove Control from Ranked Play or adjust the Spawns,” players were quick to jump to the defense of the mode.

Discussions in the comments revealed that the true culprit of recent frustration is not the Control mode, but the Al Bagra Fortress map.

Most players agreed that Control is a great mode and the problem involves the map instead: “don’t remove control, just remove this map.”

It seems the map and mode combination of Control on Al Bagra Fortress is one that’s causing a ton of frustration, not only for Ranked Play fans but for CDL pros as well.

Remove Control from Ranked Play or adjust the Spawns. from ModernWarfareII

One player in the comments claimed that “Fortress control is like the worst game mode/map combo I’ve ever played.”

Due to the map layout and the brutal spawns, it’s incredibly simple to spawn trap the team on offense. The spawn trap is so effective and easy to manipulate that most of the time, the offensive team is helpless and unable to even fight back. The team who secures defense for Round 5 often dictates the winner of the match.

Players agreed that since “Control is pretty fun tho [and] works great for competitive,” the mode shouldn’t be removed as a solution to this issue. Some suggested that a map like Embassy or Mercado Las Almas should be used for Control instead of Al Bagra Fortress.

However, it’s important to recall that Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play adheres to the competitive rules of the Call of Duty League. As long as Al Bagra Fortress remains a competitive Control map, changes are not likely to arrive in Ranked Play.

Ranked Play fans and CDL pros alike are hopeful that the new map arriving in Season 2 Reloaded could settle into the competitive rotation. Pros will likely test the map out in scrims when it arrives, so we’ll keep you posted if it makes the cut.

Image Source: Nattawit Khomsanit / Shutterstock

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