Modern Warfare 2 Player Explains A Genuine Trick To Take Down VTOL With One Bullet

A Modern Warfare 2 player discovered a genius trick to take down the VTOL killstreak quickly with just one bullet, so here’s how it’s done.

Modern Warfare Season 1 Reloaded is winding down and the devs have promised major changes with the Season 2 update. Both Ranked Play and the fan-favorite Hardcore mode are arriving with the now-delayed Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 update.

Despite the fact that players will soon enter their second season of content, some are still making new discoveries to improve their multiplayer performance. One of these new discoveries has revealed a simple and easy way to take down a VTOL in a few seconds with just one bullet.

A clip shared to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit by wexxo highlights an interesting trick that every player should commit to memory. As you’ll see in the clip below, it takes the player just a few seconds to completely take down the VTOL and render it useless.

How to take down VTOL fast in Modern Warfare 2

FUN FACT: you can TAKE DOWN the VTOL with just 2 THERMITE in a few seconds. from ModernWarfareII

The trick involves throwing two Thermites up in the sky aimed directly at the hovering VTOL Killstreak. The Equipment will stick to the VTOL and deal loads of damage. After the Thermites hit their target, it only takes one bullet from the player’s weapon to bring the VTOL down.

In order to perform the big brain trick, you’ll need to utilize a Perk Package with the Resupply Perk. The Bonus Perk allows you to spawn with an additional Lethal.

The player explained that when it comes to taking down VTOLs, they prefer this Thermite method over using a heavy weapon with incendiary rounds due to efficiency: “every time when VTOL comes up, it takes a lot of time to switch to my gun to SO-14. So.. thermite does the work for now.”

If switching to an anti-aircraft loadout is too tedious a process for you, then utilizing Thermite is a great alternative as they’re more suited to a standard loadout that you can keep equipped at all times. They’re also great for disposing of pesky Riot Shield users!

Image Source: Nattawit Khomsanit / Shutterstock

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