Michael B. Jordan Is Developing a Black Superman Series for HBO Max

Reports suggest that Michael B. Jordan may be working on a project involving a Black Superman. Initially considered for a role in the upcoming Superman feature film by J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jordan has expressed interest in the concept of a Black version of the DC hero. However, he is currently focused on a separate project alongside his production company Outlier Society.

According to reports from Collider, Jordan and his team are developing a limited series centered around a DC character named Val-Zod, who is of Black descent. The series is envisioned for HBO Max, with Jordan potentially taking on a production and acting role, though formal commitments are still pending.

The decision to pursue a separate project rather than joining forces with Abrams and Coates reportedly stems from Jordan’s preference to work on a character like Val-Zod, who is authentically Black within the DC Comics universe. Val-Zod, introduced as the Superman of “Earth-2,” has a unique backstory where he is mentored by Mr. Terrific, a well-known hero from an alternate dimension.

While specific timelines for the Superman projects involving both Abrams/Coates and Jordan are uncertain, the prospect of potentially seeing both projects come to fruition simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max is an intriguing one.

Image Source: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock

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