Master the Trivela Cross in FIFA 23

If you’re new to FIFA 23, you can now execute the spectacular Trivela cross in the game. Here’s a guide on how to pull off this move.

FIFA 23 has arrived, bringing players the familiar FIFA features like Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Quick Play, along with new additions such as Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond. Additionally, the game introduces new mechanics for corners, free kicks, and penalties.

In FIFA games, players with a five-star skill rating are highly sought after, particularly in FUT, as they can perform flashy moves to outmaneuver opponents. While these moves may be challenging to execute, mastering them can make you a formidable opponent on the pitch.

The Trivela is a highly technical move in real soccer, involving passing the ball with the outside of the foot. This technique has been incorporated into EA’s FIFA 23, allowing players to replicate this iconic move in the virtual world. Here’s how you can perform the Trivela in FIFA 23.

How to Execute the Trivela in FIFA 23 on PlayStation & Xbox

Players can use the Trivela in FIFA 23 to deliver crosses, and it’s a straightforward move to pull off. Just follow these steps to start assisting with a Trivela in the game.

  • PlayStation: Hold L2 + Square
  • Xbox: Hold LT + X

These Trivela crosses are ridiculous. from FIFA

By holding the L2/LT button, you can convert a standard cross into a Trivela, which can prove beneficial in specific game situations.

The Trivela-style passes and crosses are currently quite potent, providing accurate, fast deliveries ideal for setting up chances for teammates in the box.

Take advantage of these Trivela crosses while they are effective and easy to execute. For more tips on FIFA gameplay, refer to the FIFA Ultimate Team promo calendar.

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