Learn How To Trivela Cross In FIFA 23

New to FIFA, players can now do the mesmerizing Trivela cross in FIFA 23, so for those interested, here’s our guide on how to perform the move.

FIFA 23 is finally here, and it’s offering players the expected FIFA content such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Quick Play, as well as brand-new content like Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond, as well as a new mechanic for corners, freekicks, and penalties.

In FIFA games, five-star-skilled players are heavily sorted after, especially in FUT, as they offer a wide range of flashy moves for players to get around the opponent with. While they can be hard to pull off, once mastered, you can become extremely difficult to play against.

A move in real life that’s considered extremely technical is the Trivela, which sees the player pass the ball with the outside of their foot.

This technique has been introduced in EA’s FIFA 23, allowing players to recreate the iconic move in-game. For those interested in performing the action, here’s our guide on how to Trivela in FIFA 23.

How to Trivela in FIFA 23 on PlayStation & Xbox

Players can use the Trivela in FIFA 23 to cross the ball, and it’s pretty simple to perform. Follow these steps and you’ll be assisting with a Trivela in no time.

  • PlayStation: Hold L2 + Square
  • Xbox: Hold LT + X

These trivela crosses are ridiculous. from FIFA

Depending on the situation, you can hold the L2/LT button to turn a normal cross into a Trivela, which can be extremely useful in certain areas of the pitch.

These Trivela-style passes/crosses are very strong at the moment, and they can be really handy when you would like to get an out-swinging ball into the box for another player to get on the end of it.

These Trivela crosses are currently very accurate, fast, and easy to perform, so definitely make sure you make the most of them for now. For more FIFA guides, check out the FIFA Ultimate Team promo calendar.

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