Learn How to Execute the Mesmerizing Trivela Cross in FIFA 23

If you’re new to FIFA, now you can perform the mesmerizing Trivela cross in FIFA 23. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

FIFA 23 has arrived with the classic FIFA features like Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Quick Play, along with new content such as Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond. Additionally, it introduces new mechanics for corners, free kicks, and penalties.

In FIFA games, players with five-star skill ratings are highly sought after, especially in FUT, because they can execute a variety of flashy moves to outplay opponents. Mastering these moves can make you a formidable player.

The Trivela is a technically proficient move in real soccer, where players use the outside of their foot to pass the ball.

EA’s FIFA 23 now includes this technique, enabling players to perform the iconic Trivela move in the game. If you want to learn how to execute this move in FIFA 23, follow our guide.

How to Perform Trivela in FIFA 23 on PlayStation & Xbox

Players can use the Trivela in FIFA 23 to cross the ball, and it’s relatively simple to do. Follow these steps to start assisting with a Trivela in your gameplay:

  • PlayStation: Hold L2 + Square
  • Xbox: Hold LT + X

Depending on the game situation, holding the L2/LT button can transform a regular cross into a Trivela, which is particularly useful in specific areas of the field.

These Trivela-style passes/crosses are currently quite effective and can provide a valuable out-swinging ball into the box for your teammates to capitalize on.

These Trivela crosses are accurate, fast, and easy to execute. Take advantage of them while they are strong in the game. For more FIFA tips and guides, be sure to explore the FIFA Ultimate Team promo calendar.

Image Source: Taljat David / Shutterstock

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