Know The Fastest Way To Level Up Overwatch 2 Battle Pass With XP

The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass system provides players with tons of new content, so here are the fastest ways to level it up, with the best ways to earn XP.

Overwatch 2 has a ton of different heroes for players to use and this selection headache also comes with the nightmare of trying to pick the right skin, emotes, and much more. The Battle Pass only adds to that problem by allowing players to unlock even more customizable items.

Battle Passes are commonplace in practically all live service games, with Fortnite, Apex, and Warzone being noteworthy examples, and Overwatch 2 incorporates this idea to give players more content and rewards to work towards.

Earning XP is the key to leveling up your Battle Pass in Overwatch 2, so let’s run through the best way to earn it and unlock all of Season 1‘s rewards.

Best way to earn XP and complete Battle Pass in Overwatch 2


Currently, there is only one real way to grind XP to help you power through Overwatch 2, which is quite simply to complete daily and weekly challenges.

Each day, Overwatch 2 will provide players with three different daily challenges that provide the usual kind of requirements to complete in live service games: Get so many kills with X class or Deal X amount of damage.

Each tier of the Battle Pass requires 10,000 XP to acquire its item and progress you onto the next rank.

3,000 XP is awarded per daily challenge, meaning you can accumulate 9,000 XP per day across the three objectives – pretty much guaranteeing one tier completion a day.

In addition to daily challenges, Overwatch players will also get 11 weekly challenges to smash, with each one rewarding the user with 5,000 XP – giving a grand total of 55,000 XP for successfully completing them each week in the game.

If that’s not enough, you can also go for seasonal and competitive challenges too!

Play Overwatch 2 with friends

There’s no rocket science behind this at all, if you want to level up your Battle Pass as quickly as possible, then you’re going to need to play the game as much as you can.

Regardless of the outcome, if you manage to get to the end of an Overwatch 2 match, you’ll recieve an amount of XP that will depend on your performance.

Another factor that can help you is buddying up with some friends as you’ll get a bit of extra XP for playing in a party.

Premium Battle Pass

We understand that this won’t be for everyone, but if you do own the Overwatch 2 Premium Battle Pass then you’ll be granted an additional 20% of XP for the entire season on every match you play.

In total, you’ll need 800,000 XP to conquer all 80 tiers of the Battle Pass and following our advice should get you to the promised land a bit quicker.

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