Know The Eligibility Criteria For Free Fortnite Emote

Fans of Fortnite, cheer up! A new emote called Ice Moves is available for free. Epic Games recently sent it out, and some players are unsure why they received it. In this guide, we aim to clear up the confusion and help you figure out if you’re eligible to join in on the fun, completely free of charge.

Before we get into the details, don’t forget about the free Nanner Ringer emote that you can claim. This limited-time offer won’t last forever, so act fast. Also, while you’re at it, check out our roundup of free Fortnite skins to freshen up your look.

Get the Ice Moves Emote for Free

The Ice Moves emote is Epic Games’ latest giveaway, offered as an apology to players who experienced glitches in the LEGO Fortnite play mode this week. If you were affected by these issues, you can expect to find this new emote in your inventory at no cost – no action needed on your part. It will greet you the next time you step into the world of Fortnite.

Due to the frustrating setback of collapsing builds, players’ time and efforts were wasted, prompting Epic to offer this emote for free as an apology. Additionally, they’ve pushed a rollback to reverse the lost progress.

According to the official platform of the LEGO Fortnite team, Epic announced, “In gratitude for your patience earlier this week, we’ve bestowed the Ice Moves Emote upon those who saw their time and progress vanish when we took LEGO Fortnite down to iron out the build-crumbling snag.”

If you encountered trouble but haven’t received the free Ice Moves emote in your account, it’s recommended to reach out to Epic Games’ support.

This special free offer might mean that the Ice Moves emote remains exclusive and doesn’t appear in Fortnite’s Item Shop later on. Historical patterns suggest that one-time freebies, like the Rust Bucket back bling from the first chapter, tend to stay exclusive and don’t make comebacks.

Image Source: Kate Krav-Rude / Shutterstock

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