Know All The Snorlax Weaknesses & Resistances In Pokemon

Snorlax can be intimidating even when sleeping and its typing can deceive even expert trainers. We’ll cover everything there is to know about Snorlax weaknesses and resistances to defeat it before it can deal massive damage to your team.

Snorlax can be a great ally or a very powerful opponent thanks to its moveset and huge HP bar. While it’s not a Pokemon known for its speed, it can take a ton of hits and inflict massive damage on a wide variety of opponents. Trainers should prepare accordingly to take it down.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Snorlax’s weaknesses, resistances, and immunities.

  • What type is Snorlax
  • All Snorlax weaknesses
  • All Snorlax resistances

What type is Snorlax?

Snorlax is a pure Normal-type Pokemon. Trainers that want to take it down can’t rely too much on type effectiveness since it has only one weakness, but we have some other tips to keep in mind.

All Snorlax weaknesses

As a pure Normal-type Pokemon, Snorlax is only weak against Fighting-type moves. Facing it with a Fighting-type Pokemon is the best way to go.

It’s also important to acknowledge that Normal-type attacks aren’t very effective against Rock and Steel-type Pokemon, so those types are also reliable in a fight against Snorlax.

All Snorlax resistances

As a Normal-type Pokemon, Snorlax has no resistances, but it’s immune to Ghost-type attacks.

Snorlax also has a few Abilities to keep in mind. Immunity makes it completely immune to getting poisoned, while Thick Fat reduces the effectiveness of Fire and Ice-type moves by half.

Fighting-type Pokemon are the safest bet against Snorlax and are not going to have much trouble with its attacks.

Snorlax can learn attacks from different types while leveling up in mainline games, but its biggest weapons are Normal-type moves that aren’t super-effective against any other type. In Pokemon Go, Snorlax can learn the Dragon-type move Outrage which is great for dealing with powerful Dragon types defending Gyms and in Raids.

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