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Blumhouse is in full effect and pressing ahead with a reboot of Spawn, apparently coming to theaters in 2025. Jason Blum gave fans of the Todd McFarlane creation an update by letting them know he’s been enlisting A-list people to work on the upcoming film, growing the roster and ensuring fans that this won’t be a cheap, low-budget production. The #Spawn reboot has been gestating in the Hollywood belly for a while, and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has been talking about this project in some capacity since 1998, a year after Spawn’s first movie hit theaters. In other news, the Barney movie is still happening and Mattel has assured us that it won’t be catering to a younger audience – but also won’t be getting too weird. And finally, Ultimate Muscle is coming back to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Kinnikuman Perfect Origin-Hen is the new anime series from the Production I.G that’ll commemorate the long-running franchise which first premiered in 1983.

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