Japanese Celebrities Urged to Avoid Talking About Palworld Amid Concerns Over Pokémon Franchise Relations

According to recent reports from Japanese news outlets, some Japanese stars have been advised to refrain from mentioning Palworld in order to maintain a positive relationship with The Pokémon Company and potentially collaborate with them in the future.

The Tokyo Sports daily newspaper, as highlighted by VGC, cited an anonymous source from a talent agency who stated, “In consideration of our relationship with the Pokémon franchise, we’ve instructed our clients not to mention Palworld on their social media platforms or in any public appearances. This precautionary measure anticipates potential partnerships in the future.”

The specific celebrities who have been affected by this advice are not known. However, there has been ongoing discussion comparing Palworld to Pokémon, leading fans to speculate about potential legal action from The Pokémon Company. So far, the company has not specifically addressed Palworld, but it did release a statement last week referring ambiguously to “another company’s game released in January 2024,” indicating plans for further investigation without providing any updates. While it is unclear whether these precautions are directly mandated by The Pokémon Company, talent agencies appear to be taking no chances given the significant influence and prominence of the Pokémon brand in Japan.

Palworld has seen rapid success since its early access launch, with Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg recently tweeting about the game’s impressive reach, attracting over 7 million players on Xbox in just 10 days and setting a record for the largest third-party Game Pass debut. For more information about the game, you can explore our guide on efficient chest farming in Palworld or discover a hidden trick to obtain a rare Legendary creature in the game.

Image Source: amirraizat / Shutterstock

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