Invincible Could Potentially Run for Multiple Seasons, Robert Kirkman Hints – IGN The Fix: Entertainment

Creator Robert Kirkman isn’t shy when it comes to prolonging his televised shows for fans to enjoy them for years to come. After all, he created the comic that launched  the Walking Dead franchise, which included the flagship AMC series that lasted over a decade, plus several spinoffs and a pile of video games. #Invincible has 144 comics under its belt, so is it possible for Robert Kirkman to pull out 8 seasons? Well, let’s all just focus on Invincible season 2 for now. Looks like the showrunner of the Netflix series Daredevil isn’t too happy with what Disney is doing over there on Disney Plus with its new show, Daredevil: Born Again. Plus we’re catching up with everybody’s favorite Belter, Camina Drummer presented by The Expanse .
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