How to play Warzone Elimination Challenge: Rewards, end date, more

Call of Duty and PlayStation have partnered for the Warzone Elimination Challenge event, offering players the opportunity to earn free rewards. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the PS-exclusive Warzone Elimination Challenge, including the end date and how to get involved.

With Warzone Season 4 in full swing, players are getting acquainted with Vondel and the new weapons it has brought. Alongside the update, the developers have been engaging the community with special events like Assault on Vondel, where fans tracked down Detonators for rewards.

Now, a new event is underway as CoD and PlayStation team up for the Warzone Elimination Challenge. This event allows players to earn free rewards simply by playing the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Warzone Elimination Challenge and how to participate:

  • Warzone Elimination Challenge start & end date
  • What is the Warzone Elimination Challenge?
  • How to play Warzone Elimination Challenge
  • Warzone Elimination Challenge rewards

Warzone Elimination Challenge start & end date

The Warzone Elimination Challenge began on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, as announced by a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account.

The event will run for six days and conclude on Tuesday, July 11. Players have just under a week to claim all the prizes offered.

What is the Warzone Elimination Challenge?

The Warzone Elimination Challenge is a limited-time event where players can earn exclusive rewards by completing in-game challenges. These challenges require players to achieve a certain number of kills in either battle royale or Resurgence playlists.

These challenges can be completed individually or as part of a squad, although only kills made by individual players count towards their own challenges. It’s important to note that kills made in DMZ mode or against AI enemies do not count towards the Warzone Challenge.

The event is exclusive to PS5 and PS4 players, meaning Xbox and PC players cannot participate at this time.

How to play Warzone Elimination Challenge

To participate in the Warzone Elimination Challenge, all you need is an active PSN account that is linked to your Activision account. This enables the developers to track your kills as you progress through each challenge.

Follow these steps to play the Warzone Elimination Challenge:

  1. Link your Activision and PlayStation accounts on the CoD website.
  2. Go to ‘Profile’ and select ‘Account Linking’.
  3. Enter your PSN details to link the two accounts.
  4. Load into Warzone 2 on your PS4 or PS5 console.
  5. Start earning kills to complete challenges.

The Warzone Elimination Challenge requires players to accumulate kills.

Warzone Elimination Challenge rewards

The Warzone Elimination Challenge event features different challenges for players to complete. There are two individual objectives and one that applies to the entire community. Once each objective is accomplished, players will find a code on the WEC website that can be redeemed on the official Call of Duty site.

Here is a full list of the Warzone Elimination Challenge rewards and objectives:

Objective Rewards
Get five eliminations Calling Card & Emblem
Get 50 eliminations Double Weapon & Player XP Tokens
Get 20,000,000 eliminations (community challenge) Calling Card & Emblem

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