How to Obtain Free FIFA 23 World Cup Players in Ultimate Team

As the FIFA 23 World Cup takeover begins on November 9, discover how you can acquire some World Cup player items for Ultimate Team without spending a dime.

The FIFA 23 World Cup takeover event is bringing the excitement of the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup to the immensely popular FIFA game.

While the event will have an impact on various aspects of FIFA 23, fans are particularly thrilled about what it will offer in Ultimate Team. New World Cup player items will be available for grabs, and there is even a way to secure some of them for free.

EA Sports has introduced a World Cup prediction system where the community can participate. After simulating all 64 matches with tailored FIFA World Cup 2022 ratings, the prediction has Argentina emerging as the victor.

According to the EA blog, EA has correctly predicted the past three World Cup winners and is now enabling the community to predict and potentially earn in-game rewards.

Free FIFA 23 World Cup Reward Player Items in Ultimate Team

To claim three complimentary FIFA 23 World Cup player items in Ultimate Team, players need to submit their own prediction for the FIFA World Cup 2022 on the EA website.

Simply head to the EA World Cup prediction page, log in, and share your prediction. Following this, when the event begins, “three Limited Time FIFA World Cup Player Items” will be added to your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team lineup.

These rewards are just a glimpse of what’s available during the FIFA 23 World Cup takeover. By progressing through the event, players can also attain end-of-event rewards through leveling up. Additionally, players can acquire World Cup-themed Swaps, so be sure to explore our guide on World Cup Swaps to stay informed about all the details.

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