Hogwarts Legacy Day One Update Patch Notes

The Hogwarts Legacy day one update arrived on the day of the game’s launch as expected, so here are the changes players can expect in the patch notes.

Those who pre-ordered special editions of Hogwarts Legacy have been enjoying everything the game has to offer since February 7. However, Hogwarts Legacy officially launched to all players on February 10.

While players are intent on learning a variety of new spells, taking up classes at Hogwarts, and learning how to fly, the devs will continue to make improvements and changes to the game.

The Hogwarts Legacy day one update has arrived, so let’s take a look at all of the changes in the patch notes.

Hogwarts Legacy expected day one patch notes

While the day one update is available for download on PC, the devs have yet to reveal the official patch notes. It’s likely that the patch notes will be revealed as the update is made available for Xbox and PlayStation players.

For the time being, we can take a look at the expected changes that the patch notes are likely to introduce:

  • Performance improvements across all platforms
  • Bug fixes and other minor updates
  • Fix game crashes on PC
  • Fix lag and stuttering issues on PC
  • Gameplay adjustments and optimization
  • Improve stability

The PC update looks to be around 300 MB in size. We’ll have more details for you when the patch notes are reviewed in the next few hours

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