Helldivers 2 Latest Patch Improves Challenging Mission Dynamics

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In the world of “Helldivers 2,” a crucial Major Order has been causing quite a stir among its players. This order is a significant part of the game’s progression, featuring The Illuminate’s first sizeable intervention in the current Galactic War. The mission at hand is to drill for Dark Fluid on the planet Meridia with the ultimate goal of its destruction, wiping it out of the galaxy. Players, however, have been up against a fault in the game that has made the mission nearly impossible to complete.

With the Major Order’s deadline quickly approaching and just a couple of days left, the development team at Arrowhead Game Studios has responded promptly by issuing their latest patch, version 1.000.305.

Patch 1.000.305 Details for Helldivers 2

Arrowhead Game Studios has released the 1.000.305 patch to address a bothersome bug in the “Operation: Enduring Peace” that caused villains to spawn at the drilling location, damaging the gear and disrupting the flow of the mission.

Bellow is a breakdown of the fixes included in update 1.000.305.

Fixes Applied

  • Corrected an issue where enemies would unexpectedly spawn on the drill in the “Operation: Enduring Peace” mission, hindering completion of the task.

Ongoing Issues

The following is a list of issues that are either newly identified or have persisted past updates, which the developers are diligently working on resolving:

  • Certain gamers may find it difficult to handle friend invitations and may experience trouble with sending, accepting, or declining them.
  • There seems to be a missing feature to block other players effectively.
  • Even after players are blocked, they may not show up in the Blocked Player list and can still access games.
  • Switching the language preferences for in-game text can lead to the game crashing.
  • There can be delayed delivery of Medals and Super Credits to players.
  • Occasionally, players could end up gaining an unusually high volume of experience points.
  • Enemies that are taken down due to bleed effects are not counted toward the completion of Personal Orders and Eradication tasks.
  • Weapons that create an electric arc might behave unpredictably and sometimes not discharge as intended.
  • There’s a misalignment issue where weapons, when aimed down sights, do not center on the crosshair and fire a bit lower instead.
  • The AR-61 Tenderizer is currently underachieving and hasn’t met its expected level of effectiveness.
  • There are irregularities with the Spear’s aiming system, notably when targeting larger enemies.
  • A Stratagem beam may not deploy correctly if an enemy intercepts it and will still emerge at the originally pinpointed location.
  • Under intense enemy attack, a Helldiver might struggle to stand up from a crouched position.
  • There’s an issue with the “Hand Carts” Ship module where it isn’t decreasing the cooldown time for the Shield Generator Pack as it should.
  • In the middle of a match, a few players may find themselves stuck on the Loadout screen, unable to move.
  • Players joining a game in progress might find the ‘Reinforcement’ option disabled.
  • After successfully completing every Defend mission, the liberation progress for a planet might falsely show as complete at 100%.

Image Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

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