Hasbro Apologizes for Incorrectly Claiming Activision Lost Transformers Games

Hasbro has issued an apology after erroneously stating that Activision lost its Transformers games, which was given as the reason for their absence on Xbox Game Pass.

Hasbro’s Claims About Activision Losing Transformers Games

In an interview with Transformers World last week, a member of the Hasbro team expressed a desire to have Microsoft bring back Activision’s old Transformers games through the popular subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. They stated that this would not be possible because they believed Activision had lost the hard drives containing the games.

“Sadly, apparently Activision’s not sure what hard drives they’re on in their building,” they suggested. “When a company acquires another company, which in turn acquires another company, things can get lost, and that’s very frustrating.

“Our hope is that now that the deal is moving forward between Microsoft and Xbox, they’ll search through all the archives and every hard drive to locate everything, as it would be an easy addition to Game Pass.”

Hasbro Issues Apology

Today, Hasbro released a statement to VGC, apologizing for their comments. They acknowledged that the comments suggesting the loss of Transformers games were made “in error.”

“To clarify, the comments that suggested Transformers games were lost were made in error,” reads Hasbro’s official statement. “We apologize to Activision and regret any confusion caused. They have been great partners, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate.”

Activision has not yet provided a comment on the matter.

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