Getting Accepted into CS2: A Guide for 2023

Need help getting to grips with CS2? We’ve got you covered! Counter-Strike 2 is now out, and there’s plenty to learn if you’re a brand new Counter-Strike player in 2023! From getting your crosshair placement just right, to prefiring on unspeciting enemies, and so much more, here’s our collection of handy CS2 beginner tips and tricks to help you get started. Watch our CS2 guide for a good overview of what the game is and how you can prepare for competitive matchmaking.

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Game Modes
01:31 – Weapons
02:11 – Watch Your Crosshair Placement
02:44 – Prefire Unsuspecting Enemies
03:06 – Peek Quickly and Safely
03:38 – Spray ‘Em
04:10 – How To Hold Angles
05:03 – Try to be Sneaky Beaky-Like
05:26 – Whip Out Your Knife to Move Faster
05:39 – Turn That Volume Up!
06:03 – Learn Callouts
07:00 – Keep an Eye on Your Team’s Economy
08:02 – Best Weapons for Beginners
09:22 – Learn How to Use Your Utility
10:17 – Outro

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Credit: YouTube/IGN

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