Fortnite and One Piece Collaboration: What You Need to Know

Gamers have been eagerly anticipating a collaboration between Fortnite and One Piece. Epic Games is known for adding beloved anime characters to their battle royale game, so fans were expecting something exciting. However, the initial merge between the two brands fell short of expectations.

Here are the important details about this partnership:

The Official Release of The Fortnite x One Piece Collab

Although the Fortnite and One Piece partnership resulted in a new Creative map, fans were disappointed to find no One Piece-themed cosmetics in the Item Shop. Data miners have not found any evidence of One Piece characters in the game’s data, suggesting their debut may not happen anytime soon.

The recently introduced Creative map, while visually impressive, raised fans’ hopes for the introduction of a new anime skin. However, it may just be a glimpse of a larger collaboration that Epic Games plans to release in the future.

One Piece’s official Twitter account provided a sneak peek of the Creative map through a video.

If you want to try out the map, use the code: 7374-8187-1871. Simply navigate to the Game Mode selection menu, go to the Island Code tab, enter the code, and hit Play to explore the map.

Given that Fortnite’s Creative mode has been used for promotional campaigns by major brands like Nvidia and Nike, it’s not surprising to see a One Piece map. However, it remains to be seen if Epic Games will further develop this partnership and expand their unique game items. Will One Piece follow the path of other brands?

Luffy, a beloved character from the One Piece series, has appeared in Fortnite surveys before. If another collaboration happens between Fortnite and One Piece, it’s likely that Luffy will be included. Many fans were disappointed that the first collaboration didn’t introduce any new character skins.

Photo Credit: Epic Games, Warner Bros. Games

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