Easy Steps to Obtain GTA Online Horror Pumpkin Mask & Pumpkin Tee

If you play GTA Online, you have the opportunity to acquire a Horror Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Tee by collecting Jack O’ Lanterns scattered around Los Santos. Here, you can find out where each one is located.

The spooky season is in full swing in GTA Online with the introduction of the Halloween 2022 update. This event introduces a range of themed vehicles to unlock, along with the new Judgement Day Adversary Mode.

As expected, there are various Halloween rewards to claim, with the Horror Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Tee being among the most popular.

Now, let’s dive into how you can obtain these eerie cosmetics and locate the Jack O’ Lanterns spread across the map.

Acquiring the Horror Pumpkin Mask & Pumpkin Tee in GTA Online

To get your hands on the Horror Pumpkin Mask in GTA Online, you must find and collect 10 Jack O’ Lanterns placed throughout the map. As a bonus, you will also receive $50,000 for your efforts, making it a worthwhile venture.

Moreover, if you manage to track down all 200 Jack O’ Lanterns, you will unlock the exclusive Pumpkin Tee along with an additional $50,000. Players have until the end of the GTA Online Halloween event in November to find all 200, so there’s no rush to complete it all at once.

Locations of Jack O’ Lanterns in GTA Online

There are 200 small pumpkins scattered across the GTA Online map, and despite their bright orange color, some can be easily overlooked. These pumpkins are placed near famous landmarks as well as on the porches of random houses.

If you plan to locate each and every one of them, a thorough search of every corner of San Andreas could take considerable time. Fortunately, you can refer to the maps below to find the precise locations of every Jack O’ Lantern in GTA Online:

Most of the Jack O’ Lanterns in GTA Online can be found in Los Santos and its surroundings. It’s advisable to commence your search in the southern part of the city and progress northward.

Additionally, you can find the remaining pumpkins in Blaine County and around Mount Chiliad. While these are more spaced out, you can easily spot them by starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. The map below shows the locations of the remaining Lanterns:

By using these straightforward images as a guide, you should be able to collect all the Jack O’ Lanterns swiftly and unlock these two exclusive Halloween cosmetics.

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Image Source: Miguel Lagoa / Shutterstock

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