EA Sports FC $30 Loot Box Sparks Outrage Among Fans for Being Pay-to-Win – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s Daily Fix:
EA Sports FC 24 hasn’t even been released yet and fans are already in an uproar. EA announced a launch week loot box for the game’s Ultimate Team mode, and it costs a whopping $30. But this isn’t just a mere collection of cosmetic items: there are really high-ranked players hidden in there, which could give an unfair advantage to anyone who coughs up the money for it. But as is the nature of loot boxes, you’re not guaranteed to get any of the good players, so you could be wasting your money for nothing. In other news, the Payday 3 devs have declared that issues with matchmaking are over, and that they’re looking for new matchmaking service partners after the game’s launch debacle where many players couldn’t even play the game. And finally, Grand Theft Auto fans are picking apart an image Rockstar posted to celebrate GTA Online’s Moon Festival event. Could there really be a GTA 6 message hidden in there somewhere?

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