Dr Disrespect Is Now Delighted With Battlefield 2042 After The 2.1 Update

After the huge 2.1 updates for Battlefield 2042, Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm decided to jump on the shooter, becoming a fan of the gameplay.

Since its release, Battlefield 2042 has gone through numerous updates and fixes in order to improve the player experience. From major map changes to finally getting seasonal content, Battlefield 2042 is in a much better place than it was back in November of 2021.

Since Dr. Disrespect hasn’t been the biggest fan of Warzone and Vanguard, the streamer has given Battlefield 2042 a chance, playing it on stream and sharing his opinion.

It may come as a surprise due to the poor launch state of the game, but Dr. Disrespect has enjoyed the previous updates for Battlefield 2042, and after spending time playing the 2.1 update, the Doc says “now we’re talking!”

After quitting Warzone out of frustration, calling it a “depressing game,” Dr. Disrespect was advised to try out Battlefield 2042’s 2.1 update. The 2x Champion responds by saying “you know what, I’m down to jump into a game or two.”

After getting into some gameplay, the Doc says “the game feels really good right now,” while cruising around the map Orbital, which the streamer also says looks “really good.”

It seems the streamer just had to get his sensitivity setting right in order to start enjoying the gameplay more, as after hitting a few nice shots, Dr Disrespect says “I think I finally found my sense, the game feels really good right now, where it’s at,” hinting at the improvements made with the 2.1 update.

Clearly, Dr Disrespect feels that Battlefield 2042 has improved a lot, but there are still some issues, as the streamer dies seemingly out of nowhere after wing gliding into the map, reacting with “what the f***, god.”

Hopefully, DICE can continue to improve Battlefield 2042 and allow players like Dr Disrespect to see improvement and enjoy the game despite its shaky launch.

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