Controversy Arises Over NBA 2024 Exploit, Fans Criticize 2K Sports

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During the holidays, players of NBA 2K24 came across a significant exploit. On December 26th, an unusual situation was discovered in MyTEAM mode involving a Paul George card being sold at a very low price. Sharp players realized they could purchase this card at a low cost and sell it for a significant profit, quickly accumulating a large amount of in-game currency.

Many players amassed virtual wealth before 2K corrected the mistake. Afterwards, 2K Sports addressed the issue by undoing the transactions, resulting in players’ accounts showing a lack of currency, while still holding the acquired cards. Naturally, this caused dissatisfaction within the NBA 2K community.

The Washington Post initially drew attention to this matter, highlighting 2K’s significant error and their quiet action of reversing the currency without any communication or explanation. This, compounded by the fact that the mistake was the fault of 2K Sports, made players feel penalized for taking advantage of the developers’ oversight.

The NBA 2K community voiced their discontent on their subreddit, where user u/BlueGreenReddit1 expressed, “So glad I didn’t buy the game again this year. 23 already has ‘unsellable’ cards which was a load of crap.”

Joining the conversation, user u/doctorlongghost commented, “Basketball cards are a joke. The digital ones are even worse.” Meanwhile, user u/icerahphyle straightforwardly shared, “Patiently waiting for the day where a baller can hoop again on his PlayStation without the basketball becoming a secondary quest in a manipulative casino-simulator.”

NBA 2K enthusiast and YouTuber Cody Richinson shared his thoughts with the Post, “What customer who has invested hundreds would continue to invest when just waiting for the next glitch might be more beneficial? I will assume it’s holiday season slack, but I am hoping for a fair outcome.”

The NBA 2K community is frustrated with recurring development issues and unresolved problems, in addition to the frustration of investing in a game vulnerable to such disruptions. Some believe this exploit and the response to it underline the inadequacy in development, and others see it as a reason to stop offering financial support to 2K. However, there is a unanimous feeling of disappointment with 2K Sports.

As the NBA 2K24 controversy fades, make sure to stay updated on the latest player stats, ongoing issues with centers, and the full list of current locker codes available!

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