Best Audio Settings For ‘Modern Warfare 2: Season 1’

Hearing and understanding enemy footsteps and audio cues is the key to dominating Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, so here are the best audio settings you can use to ensure you’re hearing as many footsteps as possible.

Modern Warfare 2 encourages players to use their ears much more than previous Call of Duty games, opting not to include the traditional minimap, removing the Ninja Perk, and including detailed footstep audio.

This means that using the best audio settings is more important than ever, so we’re breaking down the best sound settings for Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, including how to counter the powerful Dead Silence Field Upgrade.

  • Best Modern Warfare 2 audio & sound settings
  • Best Modern Warfare 2 audio settings explained
  • How to counter Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 2

Best Modern Warfare 2 audio & sound settings

When trying to find the best audio settings for Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, we recommend players use a pair of headphones instead of a TV speaker or soundbar. Having the sound directly in your ears massively improves your spacial awareness, so even a cheap pair will probably be better.


  • Audio Mix: Headphones Bass Boost
  • Master Volume: 65
  • Music Volume: 0
  • Dialogue Volume: 50
  • Effects Volume: 100
  • Hit Marker Volume: 50
  • Speakers/Headphones Game Sound Device: Default System Device
  • Mono Audio: Off


  • Subtitles: Default
    • Campaign: On
    • Multiplayer: Off
    • Coop: Off
    • DMZ: Off
  • Subtitles Size: Default
  • Subtitles Background Opacity: 0

Voice Chat

  • Voice Chat Device: Default System Device
  • Microphone Test: Off
  • Microphone Device: Default System Device


  • Auto-connect At Match Start: Off
  • Mute Yourself When Connecting: On

Audio Advanced Settings

  • Juggernaut Music: Off
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects: Classic
  • Mute Game When Minimized: On
  • Reduce Tinnitus Sound: On

Best Modern Warfare 2 audio settings explained

We found that Headphones Bass Boost gave the clearest footstep audio in Modern Warfare 2, so enabling this setting is key to pinpointing enemy locations around the map.

While we have the Master Volume at 65, it all depends on your headphones and preferences. If you find the game too loud and can’t hear your party members chatting, turn down this slider and it’ll lower the volume across the whole game.

While Modern Warfare 2 delivers an excellent score, we recommend turning Music Volume down to 0 when playing multiplayer. It’ll only work as a distraction, so turning it down will allow your ears to focus purely on the gameplay.

Similarly, turning down the Dialogue Volume to 50 means the characters shouting won’t cover up any vital audio cues but you’ll still be able to hear them. And you don’t need super loud hit markers so you can turn Hit Marker Volume down as well but it’s all down to personal preference.

Subtitles can help players pick up more information from the announcers and other Operators mid-match, but they can sometimes be a distraction. We have multiplayer Subtitles turned Off but feel free to experiment and see what you prefer.

Unless you enjoy talking to other players in the lobby throughout a match, we recommend setting Auto-connect At Match Start to Off and muting yourself while connecting to a lobby.

The Hit Marker Sound Effects are down to personal preference, but we found Classic to be a bit more punchy than Modern Warfare 2’s default mode.

Infinity Ward have added a new Reduce Tinnitus Sound option, which swaps the flashbang’s high-pitch ringing sound “with a more dull, murky sound.” Enabling this setting will ensure Modern Warfare 2 isn’t so harsh on your ears.

How to counter Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 2

Unlike Warzone, Modern Warfare 2’s High Alert Perk doesn’t counter the Dead Silence Field Upgrade so instead, players should listen out for the beeping noise as another player activates it.

Using the audio settings above will make hearing this loud audio cue even easier, so you’ll be able to know if a nearby player has just popped the Dead Silence Field Upgrade.

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