All Fairy-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

Fairy-type Pokemon can conceal great power behind their adorable appearance, so here is all the information you need to know about their weaknesses and resistances in order to defeat them in battle.

Fairy-type Pokemon are a relatively recent addition to the franchise, which can make it challenging for fans to figure out how to overcome them. Introduced in Generation 6, Fairy-type Pokemon can prove to be formidable opponents, despite being some of the cutest creatures in the entire franchise.

Whether you are seeking to capture Fairy-type Pokemon across different Pokemon games or you need to overcome a tough opponent in battle, the following information about their weaknesses and resistances will ensure you are well-prepared and not caught off guard.

  • What are Fairy-type Pokemon?
  • All Fairy-type Pokemon Weaknesses
  • All Fairy-type Pokemon Resistances

What are Fairy-type Pokemon?

Fairy-type Pokemon were introduced to the franchise with Pokemon X and Y. They typically feature pink coloring in their designs and are often incredibly adorable, although there are a few terrifying exceptions.

Since their introduction in Generation 6, many existing Pokemon have undergone changes, either transforming into Fairy-type Pokemon or becoming dual-type Pokemon. There are not many pure Fairy-type Pokemon available, so it is important to take into account their secondary type when identifying weaknesses to exploit.

Sylveon is one of the most popular Fairy-type Pokemon.

All Fairy-type Pokemon Weaknesses

Fairy-type Pokemon are weak against Steel and Poison-type attacks, so it is advantageous to select Pokemon with these types when countering them.

It is also worth noting that Steel and Poison-type Pokemon must possess movesets that align with their types to be effective. This is due to Fairy-types having the highest average Special Defense stat among all types.

All Fairy-type Pokemon Resistances

Ever since their introduction in Pokemon X and Y, Fairy-type Pokemon have been resistant to Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type attacks. Notably, Fairy-type Pokemon are immune to Dragon-type attacks.

This is unsurprising, as the creation of Fairy-type Pokemon aimed to bring balance to the powerful Dragon and Dark-type Pokemon.

In terms of strengths, Fairy-type Pokemon are strong against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type opponents.

When choosing a Pokemon to counter a Fairy-type opponent, it is worth considering that many of them can learn Psychic-type attacks, which are particularly effective against Poison-types. Therefore, Steel-type Pokemon are the safest option.

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