10 Times Games Guessed Your Thoughts (And Gave You Rewards) 10 Instances when Games Anticipated Your Mindset (And Compensated You) Rewards Earned: 10 Moments Games Read Your Mind (And Gave You Bonuses) 10 Times Games Read Your Thoughts Perfectly (And Gave You Incentives) Mind-Reading Games: 10 Occasions When They Nailed Your Intentions (And Provided Rewards) When Games Predicted Your Next Move: 10 Instances of Incentivized Thinking 10 Times Games Understood Your Mind (And Offered Gratifications) Game Masters of Anticipation: 10 Moments They Got Inside Your Head (And Gave You Treats) In-sync Gaming: 10 Times Games Anticipated Your Thoughts (And Gave You Bounties) Read My Mind, Game Edition: 10 Instances of Astute Insight (And Fitting Rewards) Mindful Gaming: 10 Times Games Predicted Your Motivations (And Offered Compensation)

Every game needs a “Shut Up!” button.

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